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Development and support of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • More than 10 years of experience in developing, implementing and maintaining systems based on Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • 24/7/365 accessibility of the experts
  • More than 40 certificates for different versions of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform
  • 20% budget saving for hiring, training and maintaining your own staff for implementation of the project and maintenance of the solution based on MS Dynamics AX
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This service is for you if:
  • There is a necessity to upgrade and centralize IT systems and products
  • There is a need for high flexibility and speed of the development projects implementation
  • In order to increase efficiency, you require specialists to support the solution implemented on Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • You are planning to re-engineer existing business processes, and you need modification and finalization of the existing solution
  • The current workload of your specialists does not allow you to allocate time for improving the existing system or developing a new one
  • You do not have specialists who could implement, support and develop a functional solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • The current solution is morally obsolete and does not meet the requirements of performance and scalability
  • You are planning to automate existing business processes but do not know what is the best way to do it (and are looking for experienced professionals who know how to do it effectively and efficiently)
  • There are difficulties with defining the requirements of functional customers, and an "interpreter" is needed

Microsoft Dynamics® AX is a scalable system for medium and large enterprises, corporations and holding structures that require a single solution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX better suits for companies that have:

  • up to 10,000 employees;
  • turnover ranging from 10 to 800 million dollars;
  • need for automation of 25 to 500 workstations of simultaneously working users (in practice, there are installations for up to 1,000 workplaces, test installations for up to 3,600);
  • specific and complex business processes (enterprises with a distributed structure, holdings, distribution and production companies).
  • The platform is perfect for re-designing business processes, as well as for improving the efficiency of doing business.
  1. Develop an customized functional solution or application, providing both full range of services and its part:
    • Define the requirements for the future system;
    • Write the terms of reference;
    • Develop a solution architecture;
    • Help you to choose the most effective development technology;
    • Describe the solution being created, design the modifications and improvements of the functionality in detail;
    • Write the program code or optimize the existing one;
    • Test and fix the detected errors;
    • Integrate with the existing systems;
    • Set a working environment at the enterprise and configure the system;
    • Prepare documentation for the end users, as well as training materials;
    • Eliminate the errors and defects that have been detected during the use of the solution; introduce changes into the finished system;
    • Train both technical specialists and the end users.
  2. Help you to change the version of the existing solution and provide you with advice
  3. Upgrade / modify the functionality of the existing solution or application;
  4. Provide technical support to the customer’s specialists regarding the work with the system: 2nd / 3rd support lines, incidental support, advisory assistance on system application issues, provision of methodical and methodological assistance, consulting services to eliminate the consequences of user errors.
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— Rinat Khabibullin

expert in Development and support of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

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