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Development and maintenance of 1C solutions

  • Service 360 ° may include support for not only the system 'code,' but also for the infrastructure this code operates within
  • Over 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining 1C-based solutions
  • 24ß / 7 / 365access to the experts
  • More than 125 certificates
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This service is for you if:
  • Medium to large business looking for support in getting their information systems to comply with international standards and best practices;
  • There is a need for a high degree of flexibility and speed in implementing development projects;
  • The current workload for your specialists does not allow you to allocate time to improve the existing system or develop a new one;
  • There are no available solution implementation, support and enhancement professionals in your company;
  • The current solution is morally obsolete and does not meet performance and scalability requirements;
  • You are planning to automate existing business processes but do not know the best way to go about it (and are looking for experienced professionals who know how to do it effectively and efficiently);
  • There are difficulties in defining the functional customer requirements and an 'interpreter' is needed.

We offer the following end-to-end services:

  • Consulting on the operation of 1C-based systems, methodological assistance;
  • Consulting services to mitigate user errors;
  • Incident support;
  • Developing and upgrading functionality: developing reports, processes, documents and reference material;
  • Developing configurations from scratch;
  • Integrating 1C systems with third-party software;
  • Updating and customizing 1C configurations.
This service is intended for standard (1C:ERP, 1C:UH, 1C: Buhgalteria, 1С: ZUP, 1С:Dokumentooborot etc.) or upgraded configuration users.

We tend to view the procedure for transferring a system for maintenance as a stand-alone project consisting of the following stages:

  1. inspecting the application, analyzing the required upgrades, performance and risks;
  2. transferring knowledge, preparing missing support documentation and instructions;
  3. stabilization;
  4. refinement and transformation.

A project manager is assigned to the transfer project.

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— Rinat Khabibullin

expert in development and maintenance of 1C solutions

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