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Datacenter Discovery, Strategy Assessment and Optimization

  • Up to 50 % of savigs when creating and developing DC
  • Down to 40 % reducing cost to IT infrastructure
  • Up to 50 % performance increase without significant investments
  • Up to 30 % decrease in TCO due to comprehensive approach
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This service is for you if:
  • You need an independent professional assessment of the current DC strategy effectiveness
  • You are considering the possibility of implementing innovative approaches in the work of the data center: clouds, hybrid capacity utilization (own + cloud), outsourcing, innovation management techniques etc.
  • You want to improve fault tolerance of your infrastructure significantly
  • You’d like to increase efficiency of your hardware and applications and improve your return of investments in Data Center IT-infrastructure
  • You’d like to reduce Data Center infrastructure costs preserving its functionality according to business requirements
  • You want to analyse and eliminate possible performance, reliability and scalability gaps and bottlenecks of IT-infrastructureand its components
  • You want to maximize the available performance resource

In the modern world of today the business requirements and customer expectations are constantly growing. Company executives having company-owned data centers are often interested in their development to have the following:

  • business growth strategy support
  • ability to provide new services
  • improve company competitiveness

We propose to assess and optimize the following Data Center components:

  • Data communication networks
  • Storage area networks
  • Servers (operating systems, databases etc.)
  • Infrastructure applications

Basing on client’s requirements and using given recommendations series of measures for IT-infrastructure optimization will be developed and appropriate goal priorities will be set. After goal list is approved the general development strategy for Data Center IT-infrastructure will be built.

Creating and maintaining up to date development strategy will give a vision of the data center development vector, get rid of situational decisions and, ultimately, help to better manage your Data Center.

As a result of the Data Center strategy creation and assessment service we will consider the applicability of these technologies and practices:

  • Consolidation and advanced methods of organizing data center facilities;
  • Widespread automation of operations for deployment and support of the data center;
  • Virtualization in the broad sense (computing, networking, storage, applications);
  • The convergence of software development (implementation) and support departments (DevOps)
  • And other practices for data center improvement.

Our practical recommendations, basing on our experience and knowledgebase, will let you transform and improve your IT-infrastructure

To minimize financial, reputational and legal risks basing on outdated or inconsistent data due to its constant growth and change, you could conduct the survey of IT- infrastructure. Our IT-infrastructure Discovery Service will help you minimize all those risks, ease operational activities and get prepared for any IT-project.

Performance Analysis of the IT Infrastructure consist of:

  • The performance estimation of each component, compliance analysis of your business requirements and an estimation of the available IT resources
  • The cost optimization by discovering unused resources
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Identifying the maximal load on different components
  • Capturing performance values

We can discover and collect information about the following types of equipment:

  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Network Devices
  • Storage and Backup Systems etc.

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— Bulat Khamdeev

expert in Datacenter Discovery, Strategy Assessment and Optimization

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