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Database administration

  • 24x7 RDBMS support
  • More than 50 certificates
  • More than 1 500 DB servers and more than 8 000 DB more over 4 PB
  • Service level between 99,5 and 99,999
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This service is for you if:
  • you want to provide quality support and data continuity for your business-critical applications;
  • you want to reduce DB downtime and provide a high level of data integrity and availability;
  • you want to improve your business efficiency and employees productivity working with key applications.

Any modern company handles a huge amount of data every day, this data is constantly being input, modified and saved it needs to be securely stored in some form of Database.

ICL Services offers RDBMS Support based on a standardized best practice approach for all types of business and customer activities. This gives our customers the ability to work in a competitive way, taking all advantages of their stored data.

ICL Services provides the following RDBMS Support capabilities:

  • monitoring the key indicators for DBs such as availability, status, performance and free space within a database;
  • creating, monitoring, troubleshooting and regular DB Maintenance tasks;
  • incidents and problems handling;
  • DB configuration and settings;
  • RDBMS Patching;
  • security audit and DB access control;
  • DBs CMDB, KBs and document handling;
  • creating DB Performance reports;
  • proposing the best way to optimize a DB performance;
  • implementing best practice for DB performance optimization.

Our specialists provide RDBMS Support based on:

  • Windows, UNIX, Linux Operating systems.
  • MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • high-availability solutions for DB ( high-availability, mirroring, replication and so on).

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