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  • 97% Average SLA
  • 72 hours Between showing interest in the service and starting it
  • 9.8 out of 10 User satisfaction
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This service is for you if:
  • You want to increase customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of your CC.
  • You need to automate the reception and processing of customer requests.
  • You want to reduce the turnover of your in-house CC staff.
  • You want to reduce the cost of managing your own CC.
  • You want to reduce the cost of supporting an external CC.
  • You plan to launch temporary activities to attract customers.
  • You have no experience of managing your own CC.
  • You need a Contact Center to receive and process requests from end customers.

The Contact Centre service (CC) allows you to reduce your CC management cost by outsourcing the reception and processing of requests from end users.

As part of the service, we provide:

  • outgoing messages;
  • information about customer satisfaction;
  • additional information for promoting customer services.

The requests are processed via the following communication channels: phone, messengers, mail, chats and self-service portal.

Our experts constantly analyse the incoming requests for the possibility to automate their handling. It allows you to classify and route requests, automatically process or solve them and recognise speech. 

As part of the service, we use:

  1. An omnichannel system (chats, instant messengers, mail, calls): employees can receive all requests in a single window. This reduces request processing time and eliminates the need to switch between applications.
  2. Digital solutions. We automate all processes that can be automated.
  3. Cloud telephony.
As a result, you:

  1. Reduce your CC costs.
  2. Reduce your CC management costs.
  3. Have a slower turnover of in-house employees involved in the CC business processes.
  4. Reduce your CC costs by automating CC-related business processes.
  5. Reduce expenditures on the payroll of employees involved in the CC business processes.
  6. Retain your existing customers through effective consulting.
  7. Increase the quality of provided consultations by improving the competence of your CC staff (comprehensive quality control).
  8. Your CC works without failures or downtime thanks to the continuity of its business processes.
  9. When launching temporary activities:
    • Higher business profitability (increasing conversion through high-quality processing of requests).
    • Higher business profitability through the launch of new activities.
    • Attracting new customers by expanding the funnel when launching new activities.
How we provide the service
  1. Stage 1

    • Providing information about the cost and service conditions within the Contact Centre.
  2. Stage 2

    • Choosing the required scope and duration of service and additional tools if needed.
  3. Stage 3

    • Determining project schedule. Allocating a team for the project. Forming the project's service environment (ITSM system space, mailboxes, call queue).
  4. Stage 4

    • Obtaining work instructions and rules for processing requests by the project team. Introducing the Contact Centre team to other teams involved in the service.
  5. Stage 5

    • The team familiarises itself with the received request processing rules.
  6. Stage 6

    • Launching the service.
  7. Stage 7

    • Providing regular reports. Billing.
  8. Stage 8

    • Reviewing and updating project instructions and guidelines.
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