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Backup and data recovery service

  • Backup and data recovery management for more than 10 000 servers and devices
  • More than 10 petabytes of backup
  • Service levels at least 99, 9%
  • 24x7 backup and data recovery system support
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This service is for you if:
  • you want to minimize the risks of information loss;
  • you need to ensure backup SLAs (RPO, RTO, retention).

The main purpose of backup and recovery service is to ensure backup SLAs such as: RPO (creation of backups frequent enough), RTO (restoring from backups fast enough) and data backup retention ( store backups for a certain period of time) .

Service to support data recovery solutions includes the following components:

  • monitoring the backup solution health (availability of resources and performance, software serviceability, etc);
  • execution of tasks to maintain backup SLAs;
  • modification of the existing backup infrastructure (scaling, rescheduling, adding/changing backup data sets, etc.);
  • maintenance documentation;
  • process for arising incidents and problems;
  • making proposals for solution improvements;
  • maintain backup software components at safe release levels (critical updates, break-and-fix);
  • providing secure access to the stored backup data copies;
  • reporting on different indicators of solution performance.

The set of measures provided by our company allows you to not only maintain the functioning of backup and data recovery solution, but also to modify it in accordance with the changing needs of your company. We provide backup service for dedicated and shared storage systems, both structured and unstructured data, as well as services to restore them from a backup.

Backups can be made for:

  • DAS/SAN block devices;
  • shared file systems or their parts;
  • Operating System state;
  • configuration files;
  • virtual machines;
  • databases;
  • e-mail systems (e.g. Exchange);
  • collaboration portals (e.g. Sharepoint).

We provide management of backup solutions based on Windows and UNIX-like systems (Linux, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD and any other supported by backup software).

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