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Applications maintenance and support

  • 15 min – incident response time
  • 2 hours – incident solution time
  • Time for changes implementation — 100 % within the term agreed with customer
  • 100 % quality of the changes implemented to the applications
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This service is for you if:
  • you are interested in your internal applications (IT-processes, that maintain work of client’s internal services) support to be outsourced;
  • it is important for you to ensure fail-safe performance of your applications and ability of improve application according to business needs;
  • you wish to reduce the costs for support and development of your applications.

Applications maintenance and support focuses on stabilization of your applications, optimization of provided services and applications improvement.

The Service includes 3 levels of support for SharePoint-based applications:

  • requests resolution and problem detection on the 2nd level support;
  • problem root cause analysis on the 3rd level support;
  • application modification, bug fixing, testing, documentation update on the 4th level support.

Application maintenance and support service may include expansion and/or modification of the applications functionality, debugging and creation of supplementary solutions.

Applications management service includes the following steps:

  • application transition;
  • application maintenance and support.

The following are the examples of tasks that are performed within the service: adjusting of a software to the changes of regulating acts, implementing new functionality and change requests, building and deployment new versions of applications, investigating and solving problems and defects.

Our qualified specialists will start providing application support within the shortest possible period of time. You can define the format of collaboration within the service: choose between dedicated or shared support teams, define SLA (Service Level Agreement) as well as the level of management and project control.

We use process approach that provides results predictability and continuous quality level.

We give a warranty to all the changes made within which all defects revealed will be corrected as part of the service.

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— Rinat Khabibullin

Expert on applications maintenance and support

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