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Application and Database migration service

  • Migration of database server farm that consists of 10 instances
  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Experience of live database migration continuously used in 8 EU countries
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This service is for you if:
  • you have applications or solutions using Microsoft Access database;
  • your solutions are written in ASP, VB 5.0 or VB 6.0.;
  • your company uses outdated Oracle applications and databases;
  • your company uses Oracle products which are no longer supported by the vendor.

Applications and databases are migrated to increase effectiveness of our client’s solution written on Microsoft, Oracle, VB and ASP.

The benefits of 2SQL migration (from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL) are:

  • crucially important company’s data will be stored on safe, controlled, centralized servers managed by Microsoft SQL Server;
  • your solutions will be scalable with possibility to increase data processing performance;
  • utilise all the advantages of Microsoft SQL Server in your Microsoft Access applications, including extended reporting capabilities.

The benefits of migration to new versions of Oracle software are:

  • increased reliability and performance;
  • new administration functionality in newer versions of Oracle software;
  • lower maintenance and development costs of new Oracle software versions;
  • improved performance.

The benefits of migration from VB to VB.NET are:

  • reduced costs of changes and maintenance of VB.NET solutions (compared to VB solutions);
  • increased performance, reliability and stability in VB.NET solutions.

The benefits of migration from ASP to ASP.NET are:

  • reduced costs on changes and maintenance of ASP.NET solutions (compared to ASP solutions);
  • increased performance, reliability and stability in ASP.NET solutions.

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— Rinat Khabibullin

expert in Application and database migration service

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