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Analysis of the IT processes effectiveness

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This service is for you if:
  • you want to know how the process is followed by its practitioners ;
  • you need to confirm that requirements for process support and automation are met by the supporting information system;
  • you want to confirm that process automation initiative goals and objectives are met;
  • you need to detect process bottlenecks and plan their elimination;
  • you are planning to improve the process and want to know where to start and prioritize process improvement initiatives;
  • you want to confirm that process improvement initiatives are producing results by comparing the processes «before» and «after».

For many businesses understanding of how their processes really work becomes a daunting task. The most common option is to employ a consultant to help understand actual process flows and to suggest optimization methods. Most likely the consultant will employ a standardised approach by conducting a series of time-consuming interviews with process owners, stakeholders and practitioners this is a widely used method when creating a process model.

Alternatively, you can use the Business process mining and visualization service that will use process traces and factual evidence stored in information systems to provide you with the same results but with higher credibility and reliability.

You will not need to:

  • install or use any extra software and tools;
  • waste time on interviews with consultants and interpretation of the results;
  • sacrifice daily process management and operation for collecting process information and gap analysis.

At heart of the Business process mining and visualization service is a technology which analyzing processes, calculates their cost and measures KPIs. For the processes supported by information systems this service has this done faster, easier and cheaper compared to the traditional approach.

The following immediate results and deliverables can be achieved by using Business process mining and visualization service:

  • visual model of the actual process and statistical analysis of the historical data;
  • alternative process paths and exceptions;
  • process stability analysis, analysis of weaknesses and strengths of the process and process automation tool;
  • significant improvement of effectiveness of internal audits through the study large amount of process data to detect dependencies, re-iterations and workarounds.

In the period ahead these results will enable you to increase return of investment in process re-engineering and automation initiatives.

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— Alfija Muhamedova

expert in Business process analysis

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