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  • 100% compliance with Russian legislation
  • up to 40% reduction in labor costs
  • 100% protection from fines and risks
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This service is for you if:
  • You need to attract a specialist for temporary work on a project.
  • You want to optimize the costs of maintaining the HR department, accounting department, etc.
  • You find it difficult to scout employees with the necessary qualifications.
  • You can’t hire a specialist because you don’t have an appropriate staffing position.
  • You need to reduce and redistribute employee wage costs.
This service involves provision of technical specialists or managers who would work under control and supervision of the Customer. 

We offer outstaffing of the following employee groups: 

1) IT specialists 
2) Process managers: 
  • Patch management
  • Configuration management
  • Identity and access management 
This service allows focusing on solving business problems, without being distracted by scouting and hiring employees, personnel and accounting administration.

The service is provided in accordance with the Federal Law 116-FZ.

Stage 1. Identification of needs.

Together with you, we develop optimal conditions for cooperation within the framework of this service, determine the expected level of competencies and generate the candidate portrait.

Then we allocate suitable candidates from our staff or launch the external recruitment process.

Stage 2 Execution of a contract.

We execute a contract that specifies the agreed conditions, describes the functions, responsibilities and compensations.

Lists of outstaffed employees with their data will be attached to the contract as appendices.

Stage 3. Official employment.

We conclude an employment agreement with each specialist. After they officially become part of the staff, we transfer them to you to perform production tasks.

Stage 4. Resolution of all HR-related issues.

We take full responsibility for personnel and accounting administration.

We pay wages, bonuses, compensations, deduct taxes and make other payments.

Resolution of labor disputes is also on us.
We provide regular reports.

The Contractor is entitled to deny provision of the service unilaterally.

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