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16 октября 2019

Рафтинг на Серебряном озере: тимбилдинг в Сербии

The team building event took place at Silver lake («Srebrno jezero») on October, 12. It involved various contests that helped build the team spirit within the company, such as raft building or challenge hunters.

The event saw 50 passionate contestants, split into five teams, all eager to win the first place. Between the two aforementioned contests, our colleagues had a chance to refresh themselves in the local restaurant that offered delicious foods and beverages.
All participants were happy with such an event.

«I am really happy that we had the opportunity to organize this team building. The whole day was filled with positive energy and excitement. The people, weather, food and the content made us smile, and ache the next morning. But it was well worth it. I do hope we will repeat it soon» — says Dijana, «Gnjurci» team.

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